ACE Scholarships to Administer Utah Fits All Scholarship Program

ACE brings more than two decades of serving students, families, and communities 

SALT LAKE CITY (NOVEMBER 16, 2023) — ACE Scholarships has been selected by the Utah State Board of Education to administer the Utah Fits All Scholarship Program, which will provide K-12 students up to $8,000 in education saving accounts (ESA) to cover education-related expenses.

Utah’s $42.5 million program will allow parents to choose the best learning environment for their children, with funds set aside to help students meet various costs associated with education, including tuition and fees, tutoring services, testing preparation, materials and curriculum costs, and more.  

Funding for the Utah Fits All Scholarship Program will be available beginning in the 2024-25 school year and is open to all students with priority placed on low-income families. For more information on the program and to sign up for updates, please visit

“Every family should have the financial ability to choose the best education option for their children. The ACE Scholarships team is honored to take on the responsibility of administering Utah’s historic education scholarship program,” ACE Scholarships CEO Norton Rainey said. “The Utah Fits All Scholarship Program is a momentous step forward for Utah school children, and we’re thrilled to assist in the effort to help every student flourish.”

“ACE Scholarships, known for championing educational accessibility, has been chosen to manage the Utah Fits All Scholarship Program. Renowned for their commitment to breaking barriers to education, ACE Scholarships’ selection underscores their expertise in administering fair and impactful scholarship programs across numerous states. Their track record in empowering students, coupled with a dedication to educational equity, positions them as the perfect stewards for the Utah Fits All Scholarship, promising expanded opportunities for aspiring students across Utah,” state Sen. Kirk Cullimore said. “As a sponsor of the Utah Fits All bill, I could not be more excited to see the work ACE does within our great state of Utah for students, enabling them to find the best educational path that fits their needs.”

“I am incredibly excited to see the Utah Fits All Scholarship Program moving forward, and that such a fantastic program manager has been selected to administer the program,” said state Rep. Candice Pierucci. “This is another great step in the right direction in empowering Utah’s students and families to more options in education and a customized learning experience.” 

Since 2000, ACE has provided over 81,000 scholarships across 12 states, helping children reach their full potential through donor-funded scholarships.



ACE Scholarships is a nonprofit committed to helping parents access the best possible education to their K-12 school children through scholarships that expand educational choice.

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