Join us in empowering families with Education Savings Accounts

We like to work closely with experienced and approved vendors and service providers to help make the ESA process as efficient and impactful for families as possible.

Join us in empowering families with ESAs

We like to work closely with experienced and approved vendors and service providers to help make the Education Savings Account process as efficient and impactful for families as possible.

Let’s work together to provide families with the school of their choice for their kids.

Unique capacity to scale ESA programs

Leveraging our experienced network of contractors and distinctive scholarship management experience, we are ready to scale ESA programs from the ground up.

Seasoned scholarship program experts

With over 80,000 scholarships provided and $212 million in private support across 12 states, ACE has the experience and track record necessary to tackle ESAs in any state. We have made a significant impact on educational access across 12 states and counting, including Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming.

One of a kind partnerships

If you’re our partner, you’re part of the ACE Scholarships family. With our combined passion and experience, let’s help lower income families get the education that they deserve.

Detailed reporting for government organizations

Our organization has a robust infrastructure built to effectively manage ESA funds, leveraging ClassWallet, a proven subcontractor organization with a track record of ESA experience and success. Partnerships like these allow us to provide the real-time financial and impact reporting necessary for your state government to process ESAs.

An impactful, supportive experience for families

With a growing team of more than 40 dedicated employees and over 24 years of experience, ACE Scholarships is well-equipped to provide a seamless customer experience for qualifying families. Our easy application process and bi-lingual FAQs will ensure families can confidently navigate the ESA process.

Frequently Asked Questions for Vendors

If you’re a vendor or service provider, you might have some questions about ESAs and ACE Scholarships. Lucky for you, we have answers.

While each state can be different, to become an authorized service provider or vendor, you must apply through the state you reside in.  Most educational support services from tutors to mental health to schools are eligible to be paid through an Education Scholarship Account (ESA).

Depending on the state you operate in, sign up through the program manager website or State Board of Education website.

The program manager appointed by the state government is in charge of approving qualified service providers and vendors for each state’s particular ESA program.

Depending on the state, it can take up from 10 to 90 days to hear back after filling out your application to become a qualified service provider or vendor.